10 Smart Storage Tips for Your Kitchen Bins

December 2016

Rubbish can be ugly and it often takes up valuable space in the kitchen, but it’s also an unavoidable part of life. Follow these ideas to get smart with your bin storage and turn those unsightly necessities into design features.

burlanes are the first top tip in this houzz article with our integrated bin drawer featured in this modern kitchen design


Choose an integrated drawer
The kitchen is probably the room that creates the most waste. The bins generally need to be large andyou’ll often need more than one for different types of rubbish. If you can spare the space, sacrifice a cabinet and conceal the bins within the unit. This leaves your floor space clear and hides the bins from view.

Many kitchens feature dedicated bin storage units that allow multiple rubbish receptacles to help you divide up your waste for easy recycling. Pull-out units and drawers make accessibility super-easy and maximise the depth of the carcass.

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