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A Bespoke Cosy Cloakroom

Located in Chelmsford, a lovely family of four came to us looking to upgrade their living space and incorporate a beautiful cosy cloakroom.  The homeowners made the decision to make their old dining room into a new open-space home office and the old cramped office into a cosy cloakroom. To read about the home office, click here  Choosing our Wellsdown furniture, the family ...

Make working from home right for you

Whether you now work from home permanently or for just a few hours your home office should be a comfortable and inviting place to spend time. Discover our top tips on creating a home office or study which is both beautiful and practical.

A Functional Home Office

After working from home through COVID, the homeowners to a family home in Chelmsford thought it was time to upgrade their living space and incorporate a new home office.

How to choose the perfect colour for your bedroom furniture

Your bedroom is your sanctuary to escape daily life and should be a relaxed, serene space for you to unwind. Choosing a colour for a bedroom needs to come with some serious thought, as you want to create a positive ambience for your mood/sleep.

New: The EverydaySafe™

We are proud to be launching a new product within our design studios, the EverydaySafe™. A compact safe that discreetly integrates into your kitchen, bedroom, or home office furniture units. This is an easily accessible, concealed Chubbsafe™ for your everyday valuables. What is it? The EverydaySafe™ is a German quality product designed to provide multi-layered security, not ...

Your Essential Checklist For Planning A Family Kitchen

There are so many important things to consider when designing your new kitchen. Essentially, the cabinetry style, the layout and your appliances are the most important decisions to make, but if you want to ensure your kitchen is suitable for use by all the family too, then it is worth thinking about some useful additions to your initial design ideas. Create a Kitchen-Diner Th ...

Your Guide To A Dream Larder

A pantry or larder is a key addition to many kitchens and is often at the top of our client’s wish lists. A pantry conjures up images of old-fashioned kitchen space but the modern equivalent is suitable for most homes and is a mammoth of practical storage. Our design team is experts in incorporating larders into your bespoke Burlanes kitchen. Read on to discover the top four considerations for your dream larder.

How to personalise your kitchen

Burlanes are specialists in creating outstanding kitchen designs. Each project is designed, handmade and installed by our multi-skilled team. One of the questions we often get asked is how we can help you personalise your finished project to reflect you

Why Choose A Quooker Tap?

As a kitchen designer and manufacturer, we have seen a true revolution in all kitchen taps over the years. One feature which has taken the humble tap so much further is the advent of the boiling water tap. Since the release of the Quooker Basic back in 1992, the Quooker taps have evolved; now with multiple taps to choose from, along with different finishes to match your designs ...

6 Ways To Create A Dream Bedroom

The journey to your truly bespoke Burlanes bedroom starts with a visit to one of our design studios, where a warm, friendly welcome awaits you. Whether you want to simply pop in for a browse or if you have a specific project in mind, our design team will be on hand to help you.  

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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