A Dream Kitchen Wish List

December 2016

If you’re planning a new kitchen in your home be it a modern kitchen, country kitchen or freestanding kitchen it might be an idea to involve a kitchen designer from the word go, this will save you time and money in the long run
A truly bespoke kitchen will maximise the available space in your home, designed and handmade from scratch. A kitchen designer will ensure your wish list is catered for and is built around how you want your kitchen to work for you rather than adapting your ideas to an off-the-shelf solution.

5 things to consider for your dream kitchen wish list:

The kitchen larder
The kitchen larder has well and truly made a comeback

A Dream Kitchen wish List

If you don't have the space for a walk-in larder a full-height, double-door cupboard works just as well. Include movable shelves and sliding drawers and it can be tailored to your every storage need. A larder cupboard is a modern alternative to a dresser, which can look a bit too “country” for urban homes.

A Dream Kitchen wish List

A beautiful splashback
Available in almost infinite colours and patterns, large stone panels are easier to fit than traditional tiles and offer a stunning alternative.

A Dream Kitchen wish List

Bespoke custom built drawers.
Drawers with perfectly sized spaces for everything from teaspoons to whisks make finding utensils and all your kitchen kit easy. Deep drawers aren’t always used to their full capacity so use two-layer drawers. A slide-across top layer for cutlery and smaller cooking utensils – makes sure no inch goes unused.

A Dream Kitchen wish List


Space for appliances
An appliance cupboard that contains useful daily kitchen kit is a great addition to a kitchen. Items you use every day such as a coffee machine and toaster are plugged in and ready to use. This means you can store bulky appliances off the worktop and don’t have to scrabble around in a cupboard and plug them in each time you want to use them.

A Dream Kitchen wish List


A kitchen island

A kitchen island is the ultimate multitasking space providing a work zone and social hub. It is also the practical choice for storage and a sink. The focal point of the room. 

A Dream Kitchen wish List

We design and create bespoke, handmade interiors of the highest quality in Kent, providing a bespoke service from the first meeting to the final handover of a project. By listening to our clients' needs and working with them closely every step of the way the result is a living space that works for lifestyle and budget. For more information visit our Sevenoaks Showroom. The one stop store for all your design needs or email [email protected] or call 01732 605001.

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