A Functional Family Kitchen

November 2016

In May a busy working couple got in touch, they needed a new family kitchen that worked! The family had recently moved into a new build and the kitchen design just wasn't working for their busy family life. They needed a new family kitchen, a well-designed cooking and clutter free preparation space that considered the requirements of everyone using it.

They didn't need any structural change to the space just a well planned and designed kitchen to replace the existing one. Many of our projects have been designing and creating new kitchens in new spaces with many structural changes that take many months to complete due to their complexity. However, this kitchen design installation was completed over the summer when the family, for the most part, were away and so reduced the inconvenience to them.

Here are the design details we implemented to achieve a functional family kitchen that suited all the family needs:

  • A Breakfast Bar:

In busy households, parents of school-aged kids rarely have the chance to sit down to a leisurely weekday breakfast but want the family to all be in the same space. In these cases, a breakfast bar is the perfect place to perch while having a quick bite and a cup of tea or coffee and for children to eat cereal and finish homework while packed lunches are being prepared.

a burlanes bespoke breakfast bar


  • Clever Storage

The room has three unavoidable corners so by using a bi-fold door on the breakfast cupboard and corner cupboard with multi pull out drawers we maximised available space with clever storage solutions.

a burlanes bi-fold door storage solution





A double belfast sink and quooker fusion tap

A large practical sink and the Quooker Fusion Tap that offers cold and instant boiling water from a single tap. No need for a kettle, saving space and time!


A Beautiful Splashback

burlanes splashback

Available in a wide selection of colours and patterns, large stone panels are easier to fit and easier to clean than traditional tiles and offer a stunning alternative. A perfect kitchen design should include something you've always wanted and in this family's case it was an AGA that completed this family kitchen.


You don't necessarily need a large kitchen to accommodate a family; a good kitchen designer will help you to maximise space in a galley kitchen or small kitchen. If you would like to talk through your kitchen design requirements, large or small , with us do not hesitate to call us on 01732 605001 or email enquiries@burlanes.com to book an appointment. Read our past client’s testimonials here.



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