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February 2016

"I spent 4 years planning my kitchen and it took kitchen designer Lindsey 40 Minutes to deliver on paper what I had in mind.  A few weeks later, I had my kitchen, and the final product has exceeded my expectation and planning." - Mrs Clack

With this kitchen design the client had very specific style ideas of how she wanted her kitchen to look and work. Our head kitchen designer Lindsey was delighted that the client's brief was met.

The client was looking for something a little more lively than white cabinets and granite countertops in her kitchen so decided on a mix of several modern materials, finishes and colours. An interior design trend for 2016.
In this kitchen design there is a combination of almond matt doors with a cross grain wood finish, a glass splashback and a silestone quartz worktop in coral clay.

The silestone worktops are available in jumbo sizes (325 x 159cm) for fewer joins and an attractive polished finish. They are only available from Elite Showrooms. burlanes is the Elite showroom for Sevenoaks.

Mixing modern materials in kitchen design

  " The feature I am most pleased with in my new kitchen is how well fitted and coordinated the units and colours are. " 


The back door of the kitchen was blocked up and a hidden larder was created.

burlanes hidden larder


burlanes sourced and supplied a Neff oven with sliding doors and a warming oven that can double up as a slowcooker.

Neffe Oven supplied by burlanes


burlanes will source the perfect tile for your kitchen design scheme. The client was delighted with these large Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain Tiles


"I love hosting kitchen parties now, the way the kitchen flows has given me inspiration to be creative and enjoy cooking."


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