BORA in the air - Revolution Tour 2017

August 2017

On Sunday 30th July 2017, Burlanes were lucky enough to be invited to the BORA in the air experience, as part of their Revolution Tour 2017. The BORA Cooking Truck has been on a tour of Europe, and after visiting Dusseldorf, Paris, Amsterdam, Hamburg and Rome, the Cooking Truck ended its tour in London, on the South Bank, bringing "The Kitchen Revolution" out on the streets.

The BORA Cooking Truck is a carefully converted lorry which hosts an amazing glass cube kitchen. At 19 metres long and weighing in at 40 tonnes, the heavy vehicle is really something spectacular and certainly turns heads when travelling internationally! With crane technology, BORA made the cooking experience even more astonishing: The glass-cube kitchen, which has been equipped with all three BORA Systems, lets you hover 30 metres above the ground- Bora in the Air! At its final location in London, the glass cube kitchen was able to hit new heights, at an amazing 38 metres above the South Bank and the River Thames, and the Burlanes team were lucky enough to be a part of this!

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the lovely BORA team and raised a toast with a glass of wine. It was great to meet the BORA team, and other BORA suppliers and customers! 

The glass kitchen is just simply incredible, and so well designed. Benches run down each side of the kitchen, with lots of table space, and all three BORA cooktops! It was surprising at just how much space you had whilst sat at the table, and how comfortable we felt!

The climb up into the air took no time at all, and was absolutely seamless. The BORA crane was of the highest technology, and the kitchen moved swiftly and so smoothly up above London, the views were absolutely incredible! 

The food was all freshly cooked on the BORA cooktops right in front of us, and we were amazed at how quickly it was prepared and how beautifully presented it was! For starters we had lentils with prawn and leek, the main was the most incredible steak with vegetables, and dessert was a lovely treat of banana and poppy seed oat cakes with fruit. The BORA team were incredible once we were up in the air, very accommodating, informative and entertaining! 

Despite being in such a small confined space, with no fresh flowing air (other than air conditioning!), we were absolutely amazed that there were no cooking smells what-so-ever. The BORA induction cooktops worked perfectly, extracting all cooking smells right from the source, right in front of our eyes.

We would like to say a big thank you to the entire BORA team for their time and hospitality, we thoroughly enjoyed the BORA Revolution Tour Experience!

We have fully functioning BORA cooktops on display in both Burlanes Sevenoaks and Burlanes Chelmsford. If you would like more information, pop in for a chat with our design team and for a demonstration! Please call in advance to book an appointment, and we may even demonstrate a few of our cooking skills we learnt from BORA!

Click here to see the amazing BORA cooktop in action!

T: (Sevenoaks) 01732 605 001
T: (Chelmsford) 01245 352 557

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