Burlanes create the perfect kitchen for a busy family

February 2015

There is a lot to consider when designing a kitchen for a busy family. The kitchen is the centre of family life which means it's important to create a space that all the family can enjoy at the same time.

Organisation and forward-planning is key. Our South London client agrees:

"The real success of our kitchen design is how easy it is to actually use. With Burlanes help in planning each aspect of our kitchen and how it would be used, means we have made use of every bit of space and the kitchen is very practical for busy family life"

The brief: to design and create a kitchen that is both practical and original for a busy family who enjoy entertaining.

The result: "The new kitchen has really made a difference to day to day life, the end result has exceeded our expectations."

Key kitchen design aspects:

Maximum Storage:

 Signature Burlanes Larder

The signature Burlanes custom built larder, includes a high sided drawer for vegetables. Everything has a home, everything has a place and then it is all shut away making the space clutter free!


Bi fold door for maximum storage

 Bi-fold hand-made cupboard doors for maximising storage.


Burlanes shaker pegs at childs height

 Burlanes custom built cupboard next to the front door and kitchen entrance. The family can off load all their coats and shoes. Includes Burlanes shaker pegs at children's height.


Custom built storage drawer in the banquette seating

 Custom built storage drawer in the banquette seating.



Burlanes Kitchen Island

  A central island with a white Silestone quartz worktop is ideal for preparing food while entertaining.


The Burlanes custom built drinks cabinet

The Burlanes custom built drinks cabinet


The Finishing Touches


Burlanes source & supply mercury ranges.

Burlanes will source and supply the kitchen appliances of your choice. For this kitchen the clients chose a Mercury 1200 range cooker


Burlanes Door Handles

Burlanes unique door handles available from our online store


Burlanes Industrial lighting

Burlanes Industrial lighting

 Beautiful Burlanes industrial lighting available from our online store


Burlanes custom made cutlery drawer.

Burlanes custom made oak cutlery drawer.


For more Burlanes contemporary kitchen design check out our Pinterest board here

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If you are thinking of planning a new kitchen we'd love to hear from you. Please email  enquiries@burlanes.com

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