Burlanes Custom Built, Bespoke Kitchen

April 2014

Mr and Mrs Moss had been searching for their perfect kitchen for over a year. They had three abortive attempts to engage a kitchen supplier and had become disillusioned by vendors who wanted to mould their needs to fit with their product.

Mr Moss told us:

"It was a massive relief when we finally found Burlanes. From the moment we started to discuss our requirements with Lindsey we could tell that she completely understood both our needs and how Burlanes could meet them."

We needed to ensure that all the clients' specifications were met and worked together with them to achieve their dream, bespoke kitchen.

Here are some of the fulfilled requirements:

Storage space was a high up on the wish list. They wanted to hide away as much as possible to avoid clutter and create a feeling of space

With a passion for cooking the huge collection of herbs and spices needed to be accommodated and as Mr and Mrs Moss are both tall so our team in the Burlanes workshop needed to custom build the cupboard higher than the base units.

Ella the dog is an important member of the family so a gate was made for her to look through and be included in country kitchen life. The utility sink needed to be big enough to bath Ella too! 

We needed to create extra space behind the range for cooking utensils and to accommodate the chopping board. These were little tweaks and changes that were requested and implemented as the kitchen was being installed.

"Our kitchen is of superb quality, looks beautiful and the fit and finish is perfect. We couldn't be happier." -  Mr and Mrs Moss

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