Burlanes latest contemporary kitchen installation

November 2013

Recently we were approached by a building company, taken on to renovate a house in South London, and asked to build and install a pre-designed kitchen.
The main objective was to maximise the use of space and achieve a clean looking, clutter free kitchen
There are a few rules that are good to adhere to when designing and fitting a kitchen
The seating area should face the main work area. In this kitchen the banquette seating, handmade in our Burlanes workshop, and dining table face the huge kitchen island which has plenty of space to prep and plate up meals.

Burlanes kitchen with banquette seating facing kitchen island.jpg
Probably the most applied ergonomic principle when designing a kitchen is the 'Kitchen Triangle' A well laid out and efficient kitchen centres around a triangle that works, meaning that the three most used appliances; the sink, the oven and the fridge must all be within easy reach of each other as shown here:
The Burlanes kitchen triangle.jpg
When it comes to colour there are always current trends that you could go for but by keeping cupboards and flooring neutral means it won't date and you can then go to town with paint or wallpaper
The big issue for any kitchen is storage and one of the kitchen trends for 2014 is sure to be concealed storage. Open shelves may be 'in vogue' now but with kitchen design practicality always prevails. Conceal it and your crockery and glasses won't get covered in grease and grime.
What about a hidden utility room in your kitchen? Surely not...that's taking it a step too far.
Not at all...Ta Dah!!
Now you see it: 
Burlanes concealed utility room now you see it!.jpg
now you don't!

Burlanes concealed utility room behind the doors!.jpg

All the storage units including larder and laundry fittings, pull out drawers, oak drawer boxes and internal oak cutlery drawer are all bespoke and handmade in out Kent workshop
We are so delighted with this kitchen but more importantly so is the client who says it is where her family now spend all their time.
“I can safely say that everything I ever wanted in a kitchen is in my kitchen, brilliant larder cupboards, great pull out shelves for the toaster etc and all expertly hand built.  After our initial visit from their designer Lindsey Durrant I was confident that she knew exactly what I wanted even from my garbled ramblings, and I got exactly what I wanted! I honestly would not hesitate in recommending Burlanes to anyone
If you are looking to install a new kitchen then do give us a call to book an appointment and if you are looking for design inspiration have a look at our Pinterest boards to see all the Burlanes kitchen designs

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