Burlanes Love Back To Black Interiors

October 2014

If you're looking to update your interiors then one of the best sources of inspiration has to be Pinterest. We use it all the time and have noticed that dark interiors are definitely bang on trend! 

Here are some of our favourites. What do you think?

 Burlanes love Back to Black Interiors

 We love how the AGA fits so well within the dark grey walls. Found on the Design Files


Burlanes love 'Back To Black' Interiors

Black units and light fittings work perfectly with the concrete floor and wooden table top. Found on the Style Files


Burlanes loves Back To Black Interiors

A bold choice to go back to black floor to ceiling but we think it works brilliantly! 


Burlanes loves 'Back To Black' Interiors

The dark grey panneling sets off this space perfectly. Image found on Design To Inspire


Burlanes loves 'Back To Black' interiors

Clean lines, simple design and beautiful tiles.


Burlanes do 'Back to Black' Interiors

Here is one of Burlanes very own 'Back To Black' bathroom installations


And another Burlanes 'Back To Black' Bathroom installation


Burlanes Bathroom

We cut the huge quartz panels from Cosentino to size. Perfect for showers and wall pannels

For more Burlanes Bathrooms and other interiors to inspire then check out our Pinterest Boards


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