How To Create A Unique Bespoke Kitchen

May 2016


Creating a burlanes bespoke kitchen




A truly bespoke kitchen will maximise the available space in your home. The word bespoke can be overused and not always correctly.
If you use bespoke to describe a kitchen, it means one that has been designed and handmade from scratch. A bespoke kitchen ensures everyone’s wish lists are catered for and is built around how you want it to work rather than adapting your ideas to an off-the-shelf solution.

Here are our tips on how to go about creating your bespoke kitchen.

Involve a kitchen designer from the word go:

This will save you time and money in the long run.  A bespoke kitchen is a serious investment when compared to an off-the-shelf solution but by spending more on a bespoke kitchen, you’ll get one that’s built to last. It's always good to get a personal recommendation so ask friends and family who they have used in your area and look for testimonials on their website.

Seek Inspiration: 

Use websites and apps like Houzz and Pinterest where you can build up moodboards to share with your kitchen designer so they get an idea of your style and taste. Then they can contribute and add products and looks they think you'll like. This way together you can create something personal and unique. 

Ask and answer questions:

A kitchen designer will ask lots of questions so they can build up a picture of your family lifestyle and have all the information they need to create your dream kitchen. Don't be afraid to ask questions too so you can find out what materials and products they use and why these are better than others.

Go prepared:

Prepare a list of likes and dislikes from an appliance wish list to particular storage space solutions through to colours and finishes. The more thoughts and information you have the better.

The Cost:

Have a clear budget in mind from the outset. A bespoke kitchen can start at anything from £15,000 to £35,000. This will go up depending on how long your list of requirements is and the materials and finishes you choose.


Once you have decided on a design you will need to be prepared both practically and mentally to be without a kitchen for the dates and times chosen to build and fit your bespoke kitchen. This will of course encroach on family life so if you are organised and ready it will make the experience easier and of course it will be worth it! 


If you are thinking about installing a new bespoke kitchen in your home be it a modern kitchen, country kitchen or freestanding kitchen then please make an appointment with our kitchen designer by emailing or calling  01732 605001. At our Sevenoaks design office we can inspire, design, create and source everything you need for you very own bespoke dream kitchen! 


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