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December 2014

On today's blog the lovely Interior Designer and Blogger Hayley Pinker reveals all about her love of design and creativity

Interior Designer Hayley Pinker's Design Inspiration 

I was delighted when Burlanes Interiors asked me to write a guest post for them recently. I love finding companies that I haven't come across before and spending a bit of time going through their products! 

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My tastes change from week to week and finding new products inspires me for the week ahead. Last week, I was very much about quirky and strong colours. The week before that was geometric and now this week I have been more about neutrals and dark colours. I love the fresh and crisp feel to the products on Burlanes new online shop. It has definitely fuelled my inspiration this week and given me food for thought!

So who am I?

I have been in the design industry, one way or other for over a decade now. I have always been interested in interior design and have happily renovated a lot of furniture over the years! My background before interiors was in graphic design and make up artistry. Both these careers taught me so much about design and colour. Graphic design is very precise and focused on key aspects such as the rule of thirds, white space, alignment etc. This really helped to hone my technical skills and make things look comfortable to the eye. Whereas make up artistry is totally different as a face is never symmetrical!

However, make up artistry on the other hand has taught me so much about colour, particularly use of the colour wheel such as complimentary colours. Make up is about making things look good to the eye and you do have to think outside of the box. I am very fortunate to have gained all these skills to use in my interior design.

Which designers inspire me?

There are so many designers out there that it really is hard to choose from! I am always looking and finding new designers that inspire me. I would say an ongoing source of inspiration is Abigail Ahern. Her use of dark walls in interiors really inspires and interests me. I could flick through images of her designs all day! I also admire Kelly Hoppen's style and designs, which are totally different. With use of taupe and neutrals, Kelly always creates such sophisticated and comfortable interiors that are timeless.

What's my style?

This changes somewhat week by week depending on what or who is inspiring me that week! One thing that never changes though is that I have a love of using colour. I like really vibrant and bold colours such as lime green, fuchsia pink, vibrant teal, rich purples etc. I like modern contemporary interiors but using classic elements or items. I love victorian interiors and original features such as old fireplaces, flooring and architectural details of that time. I also have a fondness for baroque and rococo design styles that I think are just so elegant and beautiful.

What do I love at the moment?

At the moment, I am still loving geometric shapes such as triangles or any sort of angle. I have found quite a few geometric vases and different items with strong angles. I am also really into use of dark paint at the moment on walls particularly greys and dark ink blues!

Thanks Hayley! 

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