Burlanes interview our wonderful interiors photographer - Sarah London

July 2015

To showcase interiors you need brilliant images. Burlanes are lucky enough to have fabulous photographer Sarah London at hand who does just that!

Sarah London Photography

Sarah has been working with the burlanes team since 2011 and has taken all the photos of interiors burlanes have had the pleasure to work on including our  kitchen designsbathroom designs and bedroom designs. Sarah also took all the interior photographs for the Burlanes Online Brochure

We thought you might like to learn more about Sarah so we asked her a few questions for our burlanes blog:

  1.  What do you enjoying photographing Sarah? 

- I enjoy photographing all sorts of different subjects - variety is a huge part of why I love what I do. I hate repetition throughout my life not just my work. I do love people but on the flipside it's also nice to photograph interiors and have a break from 'people' occasionally.

  1. How would you describe your photographic style?

 - Ohhh I always find this a hard one. With regards to people pics I'd say natural, artistic, documentary with a twist of alternative.

  • What interior shots for Burlanes are you most proud of and why?

- I love the portraits and workshop images I did for Burlanes because they reflect my style a little bit more. It's harder to show my own style with interior photos as it is more about showing potential clients well shot, wide images that showcase what Burlanes can provide for them and how amazing their own home could look - it's not so much about me and my 'eye' but about being technically good and delivering what Burlanes need.

I am particularly proud of these two shots:

men at work for burlanes

men at work for burlanes


  • What are your top tips for taking the perfect interior pics?

My top tips for interior photography are - Use a tripod, keep an eye on the details, less is more and watch for finger marks or smudges on shiny things.

  • Which photographers do you admire?

I admire lots of photographers. In terms of famous photographers I have to say Martin Parr and Vivian Maier stand out in my mind. In the wedding photography world I'm loving Nick Tucker - he is my new Martin Parr ;) I discovered him at an amazing week long photography festival called SNAP this year - amongst other brilliant photographers I must add.

Learn even more about Sarah by checking out her website, blog and you can find her on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest



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02 Jul 2015

Sarah is such a lovely person and takes such gorgeous photos!

Jaye Cole

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