Burlanes Interiors - Proud To Be Made In Britain

June 2017

At Burlanes, each and every single piece of the furniture we create is designed and handmade in our own Kent workshop, by our team of talented and experienced carpenters and craftsmen. From the wood we build our furniture from, to the hinges and even the paint we use, everything is sourced where possible from the United Kingdom. We are passionate about good quality, handmade, ethical furniture.

Burlanes' workshop team of craftsmen and carpenters 

To read more about our workshop, click here. 

Made in Britain works to support and promote all manufacturers and the entire British manufacturing sector within the UK and around the world, united with the use of their registered marque. We are very proud to be a registered member of Made in Britain, and we will be displaying the affiliated marque across our website and Social Media channels. 


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