Meet The Team: Danny Wood

October 2013

Founder and Managing Director of Burlanes, Danny is based at the Burlanes Kent workshop.

Let's meet Danny....

1. Tell us about your career; how has it unfolded?

On leaving school I went into the army for four years.  Following that I completed an apprenticeship in the building industry and worked, self-employed, for six years doing home maintenance. I then worked for a bespoke kitchen company fitting kitchens. After a couple of years I felt there was a gap in the market for a different type of Kitchen Company offering a different level of service and set up Burlanes.

2. So what makes Burlanes different and if clients ‘comparison shop’ why should they choose Burlanes?

At Burlanes our ethos is to produce top quality furniture and interiors that stand the test of time, and offer a level of customer service that does not finish when the kitchen is delivered to be fitted, but starts at the first meeting and ends with the final handover of the completed project. If we do not think something will work from the outset, we will be honest and tell the client but work with them to find a solution that will work and they are happy with. Any issues along the way will be dealt with and resolved. Communication is key and means we attain the high level of customer service we pride ourselves on.

3. What project that you have worked on to date are you most proud of?

When I started Burlanes the main focus was to have enough projects to keep the business going, earn a living and pay the staff.  I felt a huge pressure to succeed and found it difficult to feel any satisfaction. A year or so in and we designed and built a kitchen for a client in West Farleigh. It was an exact replica of our ‘showroom’ kitchen and the client loved it. It was a turning point for me and a real sense of achievement to see our kitchen, a ‘Burlanes’ kitchen designed by Lindsey, handmade in our workshop by our craftsmen and then fitted by us. The job ran smoothly and the client was happy. Felt good!

Burlanes Kitchen.jpg

4. Tell us about an exciting project you are working on at the moment.

We are currently working on a project in Mayfair. We are designing and making bespoke furniture for bathrooms, a TV room, library and five bedrooms including a walk in wardrobe.  The work is really technical as the furniture is also being used to conceal  air conditioning and act as air ducts. Every two weeks we have a crane delivered to lift the pieces in through windows so we are on a challenging timeframe to produce top quality, technical work. The guys are really stepping up to the mark with this project!

Handmade, bespoke wardrobes by Burlanes.JPG

5. Tell us about some of the innovative products you are using at Burlanes.

We recently fitted the  'Kaldewei Sound Wave' to a bathroom. The sound wave components, including the Bluetooth receiver are concealed in the bath. This acts as a soundbox providing high quality acoustics so you can wirelessly play audio files from a smartphone or computer. We try to be innovative in our craftsmanship. Our cabinet makers integrate traditional skills with cutting edge techniques and new machinery and tools.

6. What do you enjoy most about your work?

Working as a team, we all have an integral role in our projects and work together to get the job done and produce beautiful interiors.  There is a genuine feeling of loyalty and pride at Burlanes.

7. What would people be most surprised to know about you?

When I was in the Army I was as an Irish guardsman and did a stint in a bearskin ‘changing of the guard’ at Buckingham Palace. I never met the Queen but met the Queen Mother! I’ve also been on TV as a ‘handyman’ on the BBC daytime show ‘Trash to Cash’ and appeared on about 50 episodes.

We provide a bespoke service from the first meeting to the final handover of a project. By listening to our clients' needs and working with them closely every step of the way; the result is a living space that works for lifestyle and budget.

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