Meet The Team: Lindsey Durrant

October 2013

Designer Lindsey Durrant is the first member of the Burlanes team you will meet if you’re planning a new kitchen or bathroom in your home.  Lindsey joined Burlanes as a partner two years ago and is passionate about high quality, handmade, bespoke design for kitchens, bathrooms and interiors.

Let’s meet Lindsey:

1.Tell us about your career; how has it unfolded?
25 years ago I set up an interiors shop in Sevenoaks, Kent called ‘Madhatters’ we ran workshops on decorating ideas and restoring furniture. Next I worked for Craig and Rose-paint manufacturers and developed colours, textures and effects. I then set up another shop in Kent called ‘Colours etc’ selling paint, wallpaper and fabrics. I also worked on interior design commissions. I realised I needed to learn more about the software used in interior design and gained valuable experience working for kitchen manufacturers. I am now at Burlanes putting everything I have experienced and learnt into practice.

2.Have you always been interested in design?
Yes, always. It started with my own home and now I love creating and working on exciting projects for others.

3.How would you describe your style?
Traditional, shabby chic but I enjoy the contrast of working on contemporary interior design projects as much as traditional.

4.What excites you about design?
New trends, innovative design, inspirational colours. Colour is so important in design. I adore greys and blues in kitchens and bathrooms but I love it when other colour combinations work for our clients.

5.What makes a happy home?
People. I love entertaining and having family around me in my home. A bottle of wine in the fridge always helps too!

6.Do you have any design rules?
When I design a kitchen or bathroom for a client I visit them in their home, see their space and ensure the design is right for them and what they want. It’s their project not mine.

7.When clients ‘comparison shop’ why should they choose Burlanes?
We offer a ‘start to finish service’. We are efficient, approachable and look after the detail as well as the big stuff. If there are any issues or problems we get them sorted and never leave you dangling!
Poppy the Burlanes Mascot
8.What inspires you?
I love visiting design shows, reading ALL the interiors magazines and keeping up with the latest trends to gather inspiration for projects.

9.What are your top interior design tips?
Light colours create space. Choose your work surface in a kitchen carefully, maximise your space and if you choose wood remember it needs looking after!

10.What would people be most surprised to know about you?
I had a book published 14 years ago called ‘Paint Effects’
I have a Pug called Poppy. She is the Burlanes' mascot!

Lindsey Durrant

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