Organised, functional and modern kitchen design for a new build

January 2016

burlanes were called in to design and build a kitchen in a Sevenoaks new build. Working from a blank canvas meant we could create a wonderfully organised, functional and beautiful modern kitchen.

When embarking on a brand new kitchen for your newly built home it's a good idea to call in the experts. A kitchen designer will help you to design your perfect kitchen and guide you where you absolutely should not cut corners.

The first and most important step is to plan the layout in a way that makes the best use of the space.  The kitchen is the central point of your home where a lot of activities take place — cooking, cleaning, eating, drinking and socialising. That’s why it needs to be both beautiful and functional.

Regardless of the kitchen design style, organisation and layout are essential. 

This Sevenoaks family had a fabulous space to design and create their dream kitchen. It includes all the kitchen must-haves and storage solutions they need to ensure their daily, busy family life runs smoothly.

Here's a closer look at some of the design features;

 burlanes kitchen island

Central to this kitchen design is the installation of a kitchen island, the ultimate multitasking space providing a work zone and social hub.

hidden cupboard in the kitchen island

The hidden cupboard under the kitchen island is a perfect and fun design feature the clients wanted for the children of the house to keep all their paraphernalia.


burlanes custom built kitchen dresser

burlanes custom built this breakfront dresser for glasses and crockery.


an antique mirrored glass splashback

An antique mirrored glass splashback and Total Control AGA


 Open book shelf for recipe books

 Open book shelf for recipe books.


wine cooler and red wine storage

Integrated wine cooler and red wine rack in the hand built refridgeration unit


breakfast cupboard with pull out drawers

 breakfast cupboard keeping everything neatly hidden away and with pull out drawers for maximum storage

breakfast cupboard



blanc limestone honed Ca'Pietra tiles

Blanc limestone honed Ca'Pietra tiles made to order with blue octagon cabochons cut in.


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