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Burlanes celebrates the 3rd anniversary of the opening of our Sevenoaks Showroom

Burlanes Interiors Sevenoaks Design Studio
12th June 2017 marks the third anniversary of the opening of the Burlanes Sevenoaks design studio. What an amazing three years it has been; we have seen our Burlanes team double and we have launched our most versatile range yet: Decolane.

In 2011, Burlanes established itself in a converted barn in West Farleigh, and after a successful three years we took the decision to move our showroom to Sevenoaks, whilst keeping the workshop bases in the outbuildings of the barn. Fast forward another three years to 2017, (involving an expansion of our Sevenoaks design studio and moving of our workshop to Rochester, and Burlanes begins the next part of its journey - new team members and new premises. We are excited to announce that we are opening our second design studio in Chelmsford, Essex!

Today, we take a look back at how Burlanes came to be, and it's plans for the future. We talk to two of the Directors about the rise of Burlanes, and their plans for the future.

Burlanes Blogger: So Lindsey and Danny, can you tell us how Burlanes started?

Danny: My path crossed with Lindsey way back in early 2011. We hit it off and often discussed what it would be like to own our own furniture company. Circumstance made this happen, and in late 2011, Burlanes was established.

Burlanes Blogger: Can you tell us where the name Burlanes came from?

Lindsey:  We actually get asked this question quite a lot! Our name doesn't actually mean anything, it was born from a process of hours of trawling through the internet and brainstorming lots of different word combinations. Our initial ethos was to create beautiful, bespoke pieces of furniture, unlike anything you can buy 'off the shelf', so we wanted to ensure that the name we chose for our company had no real meaning, and couldn't be related to anything else in the world. Originally we thought about lines, referencing line drawings and designs, but preferred the sound of 'lanes' to 'lines', somehow making its way to Burlanes, and thus our company was born!

Burlanes Blogger: Why Kent, why West Farleigh, and why Sevenoaks?

Lindsey:  I have lived in Kent for most of my adult life and was driving through West Farleigh one afternoon when I came across the For Sale sign for the barn. I immediately called Danny and suggested that this could be the ideal location for us to open our design studio. It just felt right, and within a few months we were open!

Danny:  Towards 2014, we started to feel like we were outgrowing West Farleigh. A frequent comment was always "Lovely place, but quite out of the way, we had a bit of trouble finding it". We eventually came to the decision that we needed a 'High Street presence', and started the search for our next property. We took possession of the Sevenoaks design studio in June 2014.

Burlanes Blogger: How did the move to Sevenoaks affect Burlanes, both positively and negatively?

Danny:  There was a definite shift in that Lindsey and I had worked together in the same office for three years, discussing projects and making decisions side by side. After the move, we were then in two different locations (the workshop stayed in West Farleigh), which meant lots of phone calls and driving backwards and forwards. I think for the first six months, this was a real challenge for us.

Lindsey:  I agree with Danny. There were definitely some challenges, but ultimately it was the right decision. We were able to have a High Street presence, and our customers were able to find us more more easily. Having a larger space to showcase our furniture and designs was also an added benefit for us. 

Burlanes Blogger: So we're here in 2017, what changes have been made to the Sevenoaks design studio since the move?

Lindsey:  We are always making small changes to the design studio, and like to keep our room designs fresh and uplifiting. We have recently expanded our design studio however, and it is now over two floors, allowing us to display an ever larger range of our furniture and home accessories. We have recently launched our brand new furniture style: Decolane, and we have added some lovely new pieces of bespoke furniture to the design studio. We are one of the only suppliers of Ca'Pietra tiles in the Kent area, and we have a large library of natural stone and encaustic tiles on display.

Burlanes Blogger: What is your favourite item in Burlanes Sevenoaks?

Lindsey:  I have to say I adore the Hurlingham bath - such a statement of luxury! I also love the wallpaper of the stork that you can see from the window above the bath. It's a fabulous statement piece!

Danny:  Up until recently, I would have said the fully functioning AGA we have on display. It's the AGA Total Control, meaning you can turn it on and off easily, it really is amazing. However, I have to say our newly installed dresser is fabulous. It is the Burlanes take on the traditional Edwardian dresser, and I think it shows the skills of our team of craftsmen, it's really great.

Burlanes Blogger: Why choose Burlanes?

Lindsey:  Our approach is to listen to our customers wants and needs, and to ask questions in order to build up a picture of our client's family lifestyle. What do they think they need in their kitchen? What are the options around maximising the space available? Our role is to help guide our client to achieve their dream space - our motto is "inspired by your, created by us". 

Danny:  I am proud of the fact that we hand make all of our furniture in our own workshop, and where possible we always try to source our materials in the UK. As well as this, we aim to support the local communities in which we work, and employ our team members from these areas.

Burlanes Blogger: Finally then, what are Burlanes plans for the future?

Lindsey:  This year sees us expanding into Chelmsford, and opening a second design studio. We are really excited by this, and look forward to working in Essex. We have some new members of our design team, as well as additional members in the workshop too. 

Danny:  We want to continue to grow the business and so we are hoping to establish Burlanes in Essex. We want to continue to make our own handmade furniture - we truly are bespoke, anything you want, we can make!

We will be hosting an official launch weekend at our Chelmsford design studio, Thursday 29th June - Saturday 1st July, and we would love to see you there! For more information, please  click here,  or email  [email protected]

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

Charley Davies - Essex


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