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The Quooker Tap: A True Revolution

Burlanes are stockists of the Quooker boiling water tap.

So what is the  Quooker tap?

Back in 1970, Henri Peteri was involved in a project developing instant soup, and realised that what was really missing in making soup was instant boiling water. Soup powder could be made into soup in seconds once mixed with boiling water. This was the light bulb moment that would lead to the release of the Quooker Basic in 1992; the first in a series of taps designed by Peteri. The Classic followed in 1997, then Design in 1998 and the Modern in 2005. In 2012, after a long lead-up, the Quooker Fusion was launched, and in 2017, the brand new Quooker Flex: a boiling water tap and mixing tap in one, with a flexible pull out hose for more reach and extra functionality.

The innovative Dutch design of the Quooker tap combines practicality with efficiency; using only 3 pence per day on standby, boiling water is at your fingertips anytime of day or night.

Safety is paramount

You have to be careful when dealing with boiling water. Knocked over kettles cause hundreds of casualties each year, especially for young children. Such accidents are a thing of the past with Quooker, thanks to its childproof handle and insulated sides that ensure it never feels to to the touch. The water is boiling, but the flow is a fine spray rather than a solid jet, giving you plenty of time to get your hands out of harm's way. The boiling water is activated by a child proof push-and-turn handle, and the spout is height adjustable to prevent splashing.

The Quooker Flex

Quooker's latest advancement is the Quooker Flex. With all the features we expect from a Quooker tap, the Flex helps to make life even easier. A flexible, pull out hose for hot, cold and filtered water provides more reach and extra functionality. As with all Quooker taps, the boiling water function has a double push-and-turn handle to activate the boiling water, making it totally child friendly. In addition to this, when the Flex hose is pulled out, boiling-water-stop prevents boiling water from being dispensed. Both of these features means no nasty burns and makes it safe and easy for the whole family to use.

Available in a variety of shapes and finishes, there is a Quooker tap for every kitchen. Whether you want it to blend in, or to standout as a statement piece, every kitchen is enhanced by the addition of a Quooker tap.

The Quooker In Action

Both Burlanes Sevenoaks and Burlanes Chelmsford have fully functioning Quooker taps on display, so you can experience exactly what a Quooker tap could add to your kitchen. To see the new Quooker Flex in action, pop into Burlanes Chelmsford for a cuppa and a chat with our design team!

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We cannot recommend the Burlanes team enough; they just knew what we needed and got it so right.

Amelia Tate - Corringham, Essex


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