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5 Reasons To Choose White Kitchen Cabinets

Burlanes white handmade shaker kitchen
From experience, we have learned that choosing and agreeing on a paint colour for your new kitchen cabinets is not a simple task! It takes a lot of planning, comparing and researching to ensure your chosen colour is right for you and your home, and it is a decision that many of our clients change their mind about more than once!
But... that is absolutely fine!  
The beauty of a  bespoke kitchen is that is it designed and handmade to suit the style, size and dimensions of your home, and it should be a true reflection of you and your lifestyle. Our design team are amazing at what they do, and it is their job to interpret your ideas and wants to create your dream kitchen, so do not hold back when asking questions on design, colour or style! 

The initial decision to make when choosing your colour is whether you want dark cabinetry, or light. There are no rules you should follow when choosing dark or light, but things to consider would include the size of your kitchen, available light sources in the room, and the colours and shades of existing furniture you may wish to keep within the room.

If you are considering a light or white kitchen, we have put together a few advantages that may help you make up your mind...

Light colours work with any interior style.
Whether your home is a new-build, or a rustic period property, a light and bright kitchen will always look fabulous. White is essentially the ultimate blank canvas colour, and is able to adapt to any style of home design, an important factor to consider if you are making long-term investment into your home. A white kitchen also feels clean and fresh, so when combined with a classic shaker style such as our Wellsdown cabinetry,  the room is cosy and inviting, yet light and fresh. 

Burlanes Wellsdown cabinetry, handpainted in Mylands 'Pure White', with wooden worktops.

White and light colours are classic and timeless.

If you are wanting a cabinet colour that is classic and timeless, and a kitchen that is not trend led, or likely to go out of style, then white cabinets are the perfect choice. White is a neutral colour that can be paired with any other colour on the spectrum, and also a colour that can easily be re-painted over and re-touched as and when needed.

Burlanes Wellsdown cabinetry handpainted in Mylands 'Charterhouse', with Silestone quartz worktops in 'Iconic White'.

Light colours really open up the space.

In a kitchen where space is fairly limited, a light colour scheme can really open up the room, making it feel much larger and spacious. By choosing light coloured cabinets, light will reflect around the room, which is particularly useful if your kitchen is a compact space, with limited natural light.

Burlanes Hoyden cabinetry handpainted in 'Cotton' by Farrow & Ball,with Silestone Quartz worksurfaces in 'Miami White'. 

You can be bold elsewhere!

By opting for light coloured cabinetry, you have the freedom to be bold elsewhere in your kitchen! Whether that be with bright coloured walls, a statement colour central island or patterned tiles, a light colour on your cabinetry creates the perfect backdrop for this.

Burlanes Wellsdown cabinetry handpainted in Farrow & Ball 'Wimborne White' and Little Greene 'Mischief'.

White cabinetry can be paired with a black worktop.

There are not many colours that work so well with a black worktop, but white is the perfect choice, particularly when opting for black appliances too. By adding black accents elsewhere in the room too, it creates the perfect contrast to the white cabinetry.

Burlanes Wellsdown cabinetry handpainted in Farrow & Ball 'Strong White', with Sensa by Cosentino worktop in 'Moak Black'

Our design team are specialists in kitchen design, and our bespoke service means that we design, handmake and install your kitchen to suit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. If you are looking for inspiration or advice on your kitchen project, pop into one of our showrooms for a chat with our design team, or call us to book an appointment or home visit.

We provide a bespoke service from the first meeting to the final handover of a project. By listening to our clients' needs and working with them closely every step of the way; the result is a living space that works for lifestyle and budget.

We cannot recommend the Burlanes team enough; they just knew what we needed and got it so right.

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