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What NOT to do when planning your new kitchen

Burlanes Top Tips & Things To Avoid When Designing Your New Kitchen

A new kitchen in your home is a large investment, and if you are working with a kitchen designer, choose the company wisely, and work with someone who is genuinely interested in you, your home and what you are hoping to achieve from your new kitchen. There are lots of decisions involved throughout the kitchen design stage, and none that should be taken lightly either. Your Burlanes designer will work with you at all stages to help you make the right decisions for your home, but ultimately, the final say is yours; it is your kitchen in your home after all.

Burlanes Hoyden kitchen project in Chelmsford, Essex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

We have shared lots of tips and advice on what to do when planning your new kitchen, however there are also lots of things we would also recommend NOT doing too! If you are in the process of planning your new kitchen, or it is next on your home renovation list, then read our top tips of things NOT to do, to avoid any costly mistakes...

1. Never underestimate storage space, and how much you actually need!
This may sound very trivial, but ultimately, storage is one of the most important factors in a kitchen, and your storage options are not something you should decide in a hurry. We would always recommend making a list of the cupboards you currently have in your kitchen and what is inside them, then another list of all those times you had wished you had an extra cupboard or somewhere to put the blender when not in use, and then finally, a list of all the cupboards that are full to the brim. (Over full cupboards are never a good idea - not only are things difficult to see and find, food can quickly get forgotten about and go past the expiry dates!)

Burlanes Decolane kitchen project in Upminster, Essex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Your Burlanes designer will then work with you to ensure that all storage areas are accounted for, and how best to layout your kitchen to ensure every cupboard is easily accessible and within reach when needed. It may seem like a never ended task, but it will be so worth it in the end when you have spice racks, pickle jars, pull-out storage solutions and drawers for all your pots and pans!

Burlanes Hoyden kitchen project in East Sussex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

2. Do not forget about plugs and power sockets!
Electricity in your kitchen is essential, and plugs within reach of all your appliances is essential too. When planning your kitchen layout, think about where all your essential appliances will be, and ensure there is space for a plug socket, whether concealed or on the wall. Think where your tea and coffee making area will be, and consider if the toaster will be here too? Our furniture is totally bespoke and made-to-measure, so if you are hoping to conceal your appliances within a larder, we are able to put electric sockets inside cabinetry too.

Burlanes Wellsdown kitchen project in Crystal Palace. ©Sarah London Photographer.

It is also a good idea to have a plug socket at each end of your kitchen island, particularly if you are incorporating a breakfast bar within the island too.

Burlanes Hoyden kitchen project in Underriver, Sevenoaks. ©Sarah London Photographer.

3. Do not forget about the importance of counter space.
Many of our customers say the thing they would like more of in their new kitchen is spare counter space for prepping meals, displaying appliances, washing up and potentially even space to sit and socialise; after all the kitchen is the heart of your home! Our design team will work with you to ensure every use of your kitchen is accounted for, and you are able to chose from a number of skirting options on your cabinets too; so you can tuck your feet beneath when standing close to the cabinet.

Burlanes Wellsdown kitchen project in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

4. Do not forget about the rubbish!
If there is one thing we would always recommend when designing your new kitchen, it would be to integrate your rubbish bins within your cabinetry, if you have the space. An overflowing bin is never a good look, and our integrated rubbish and recycling stations make life so much easier!

Burlanes Hoyden kitchen project in Crystal Palace. ©Sarah London Photographer.

5. Finally, avoid choosing an 'on trend' kitchen design that will date / go out of style.
It is so easy to fall into the Instagram trap of wanting a trendy kitchen, which is absolutely fine if that is your normal style, but remember to consider the style of the rest of your home too, and how quickly a trend will date. Choose your cabinetry and worktops wisely, opt for classic and timeless styles that will still be as beautiful in 10/15/20 years time, and introduce trends and colours with your accessories, appliances and tiles instead.

Burlanes Wellsdown kitchen project in Kent. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Our furniture is in-frame, a classic style that works well in any environment, and is truly built to last. If you decide in 10 years time that your white Burlanes kitchen would be more suitable for your home in a sage green, it can be easily painted time and time again.

Burlanes Wellsdown kitchen project in Westerham, Kent. ©Sarah London Photographer.

We are very pleased to say that both our design studios are open again for design appointments, on an appointment only basis. If you are considering a new kitchen, bedroom or bathroom and you would like a little bit of advice, then please do get in touch to arrange a visit.

The well-being of both our design team and our customers is our top priority, therefore we have implemented a number of things to ensure you can continue with your project and design your dream kitchen, bedroom or bathroom in a safe and comfortable space:

• We will be carrying out just one appointment at a time, meaning there will be just yourself and your designer in the design studio at all times.

• We have hand sanitizing stations throughout both design studios, and we will ask that all visitors use these, or thoroughly wash their hands, when entering and leaving our premises.

• We have a very clear social distancing guideline markers on the floor throughout the entirety of both design studios that must be followed, meaning at no point will you be within two metres of your Burlanes designer.

• We have installed plastic screens of the highest quality in our design areas, allowing your designer to present to you at a distance, in the safest possible way.

Please note, we are currently taking appointments by telephone and email only, so please call us on our usual numbers (Chelmsford - 01245 352 557 / Sevenoaks - 01732 605 001) or email [email protected] to arrange your appointment.

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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