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4th - 12th May 2024 

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5 Benefits Of Choosing A Bespoke Kitchen

5 Benefits Of Choosing A Bespoke Kitchen

The word bespoke is often thrown around in the furniture industry, particularly in kitchens. Whilst many companies offer a range of kitchen designs, finishes and sizes, there are absolutely no limitations with a truly bespoke Burlanes kitchen; designed, handmade and installed to suit your home and your lifestyle perfectly. 

The Oxford Dictionary definition of bespoke is: made for a particular customer or user.

Burlanes bespoke Hoyden kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

If you are looking to invest in a new kitchen for 2022, we have put together 5 benefits of choosing a bespoke kitchen:

1. Absolutely no limitations or restrictions.

A truly bespoke kitchen is designed with you and your lifestyle at the forefront of every decision. Your Burlanes designer will work with you to create a layout that best suits your daily routine, in a style that works well with your home aesthetic, and with all the added touches that you hope to achieve with your dream kitchen. 

A truly bespoke kitchen gives you the opportunity to bring your ideas to life, and also means you are not limited to a range of worktops, handles and hardware. The possibilities really are endless.

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

2. Quality that speaks for itself.

A Burlanes truly bespoke kitchen is classic, timeless and built to last. A handmade kitchen is crafted by joiners and cabinet makers who are incredibly skilled and trained in what they do, and no details are overlooked. Our craftsman handmake in-frame furniture using the finest materials and traditional techniques; they really are built to last a lifetime.

The shaker in-frame kitchen has been around for hundreds of years, and will continue to be at the forefront of the kitchen design industry. A Burlanes handpainted kitchen can be painted time and time again should trends or your taste change, and worktops and handles can be easily changed 10 years down the line if needed, without significant disruption.

Burlanes bespoke Decolane kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

3. Designed to fit the space exactly.

An off-the-shelf kitchen, even at the higher end of the market, will always have filler panels and slimline cabinets slotted in here and there, to fill gaps as and when needed. A bespoke kitchen is handmade to fit the exact dimensions of the room, so each cabinet will be proportionate. Not only does this mean all space is maximised for you, it also means there is very little waste from us during the manufacturing process, which is incredibly important to us and our impact on the environment. 

If your home has architectural features to work around, low ceilings, beams or wonky walls, our designers will create a truly bespoke kitchen to fit the space exactly. 

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

4. It is all in the detail.

Is your coffee machine an awkward height that does not quite open to pop the pod in, where it currently sits in your larder? Do you wish you had a hidden drawer beneath your sink for your dishcloths? A truly bespoke kitchen design will allow you to be specific to those details, and will be created to the exact dimensions required. 

Burlanes bespoke Decolane kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

5. No two homes are the same. No two kitchens should be either.

If you invest in a truly bespoke Burlanes kitchen, it will be totally unique to you and your home. You will not have a kitchen that has been chosen from a brochure or an image from a website; the end result will be a kitchen that has been designed with your needs in mind, handmade by our team of joiners and cabinet makers to your exact specifications, and installed seamlessly by our own installations team, to ensure a perfect fit. A bespoke kitchen is a large investment, and it definitely will not be the cheapest solution, but it will be cost effective long term with its' longevity and timeless style.

Burlanes bespoke Hoyden kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

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