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The Benefits Of Visiting A Kitchen & Furniture Showroom

Burlanes Chelmsford kitchen showroom

Online shopping has never been easier, with delivery even being same day in some cases! As a nation we have become accustomed to a simple click or two to complete our purchases, but there are some investments, such as a new kitchen or bedroom, that simply cannot be completed online successfully. 

A new kitchen is a large investment, so we would always recommend visiting a kitchen showroom to see the product before you buy, and ensure your chosen company is right for your expectations.

So what are the benefits of visiting a kitchen and furniture showroom?

Burlanes Chelmsford Showroom. ©Sarah London Photographer.

1. See the quality and craftsmanship of the furniture.
Kitchens come in all different shapes and sizes, and quality levels too! An off-the-shelf MDF standard cabinet is a far cry from a truly bespoke, made-to-measure oak and tulip wood cabinet, with in-frame doors and handcrafted finishes; the difference really is in the detail, and you need to visit a kitchen showroom to see the difference for yourself. 

If you have found a company online and love their work, it is always best to visit their showroom too, to ensure they understand your needs as as a client, and that they are the right designer for you. 

Burlanes Sevenoaks Showroom. ©Sarah London Photographer.

2. Get a better picture of what is on offer.
No matter how beautiful and professional website imagery is, nothing beats seeing something with your own two eyes. There are also factors that can influence how you may perceive a certain feature including:

- Lighting: colours and finishes can look very different under different lights, especially photographer's lighting. Both Burlanes Sevenoaks and Burlanes Chelmsford have lots of natural light, and daylight mimicking bulbs too, to ensure the finish of our furniture gives you a true reflection of the quality. 

Burlanes Sevenoaks Showroom. ©Sarah London Photographer.

- Function: you may love the look of a certain larder or appliance online, however when you see it and try it for yourself, it just is not for you. By visiting our showrooms you are able to touch and feel every aspect of design we are able to achieve, as well as try our fully functioning appliances on display.

Burlanes Chelmsford Showroom. ©Sarah London Photographer.

- Feel: touching and feeling the finish of the kitchen you are having installed prior to purchase is essential. Texture is incredibly important.

3. Get inspired!

A well dressed and fully functioning showroom is the best place for home inspiration! Both Burlanes Sevenoaks and Burlanes Chelmsford are dressed like a home would be; there are spices in the racks, the larders are fully stocked and there is even bottles of wine in the coolers, and dishcloths under the sink! 

Visiting a kitchen showroom may inspire you to chose something you had not previously thought of, and experiment with different styles and finishes before making your final decision. 

Burlanes Sevenoaks Showroom. ©Sarah London Photographer.

4. Talk to the experts

There is no one more qualified to design a kitchen than an experienced kitchen designer. Our designers have years of industry experience, and they thrive on designing truly bespoke spaces for their clients. 

No two homes are the same, and no two kitchens should be either. Chatting through your ideas with a kitchen designer will help breakdown your needs and wants, as well as things that you definitely would not want in your design. A kitchen designer will also be able to advise on current trends in the interiors industry, give honest opinions and industry ratings on worktops, colours, appliances and finishes, and point out which finishes will work best with your available space. 

Burlanes Chelmsford Showroom. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Our kitchen design service is free of charge, and we know the importance of researching and choosing the most reliable companies to undertake any work in your home, to ensure that your kitchen refurbishment is a straightforward, enjoyable process. We offer an entire design and refurbishment service, from the initial design stages of your bespoke kitchen furniture and sourcing your appliances and accessories, right through the manufacture process in our own workshop, to installation and completion on site. 

You will have your very own dedicated kitchen design consultant throughout your project with Burlanes, offering a totally bespoke and personal service from start to finish.

We work with budgets from £25,000 for kitchens, and £8,000 for elsewhere in the home.

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All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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