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Why Choose A Quooker Tap?

As a kitchen designer and manufacturer, we have seen a true revolution in all kitchen taps over the years. One feature which has taken the humble tap so much further is the advent of the boiling water tap. Since the release of the Quooker Basic back in 1992, the Quooker taps have evolved; now with multiple taps to choose from, along with different finishes to match your designs perfectly.

Instant Hot Water

One of the benefits of having a Quooker tap in your kitchen is instant boiling hot water. Say goodbye to an impatient wait for your kettle to boil, and say hello to instant hot water straight from the tap.

This functionality allows you to save valuable countertop space, and is an energy-efficient option too!


All Quooker taps are incredibly child-friendly. You do not need to worry about your child using the Quooker tap. The sophisticated safety system ensures that a Quooker will never automatically dispense boiling water. You first have to press the handle twice and then turn it. It is only then that boiling water flows from the tap. This system has been extensively tested. The complex press-turn movement means that the risk of ‘accidentally’ turning the boiling-water tap on is very small. This helps to protect young, curious children. In addition, the button has a light ring that illuminates while the tap is on to warn the user that hot water is on its way!

All-in-One Tap

The Quooker taps are not just designed to give instant hot water; they can also function as a perfectly normal tap, giving you cold and hot water when needed.

For an additional cost, the Quooker taps also have the ability to create instant sparkling water by adding the Quooker CUBE to your tanks, perfect for those who love bubbles!

Completely Stress-Free

Choosing the tap you want for your kitchen is all you need to do! We order the tap directly from Quooker, and they take care of the rest.

Quooker has in-house engineers who install the tap in your kitchen (and any extra accessories) on a day that is suitable for you and your schedules.

A Tap To Match Every Design

Quooker is now available with multiple tap styles and finishes to choose from. To see a Quooker tap in action why not visit one of our friendly design studios?

Our dedication to perfection and creating your dream kitchen is what sets us apart; our expert kitchen designers work so closely with you, our client, to advise on the best kitchen design layout, colour schemes, appliances, and accessories, to create your dream space, totally bespoke and unique to you. Simply pop into a design studio and have a chat with our friendly designers.

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