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Choosing Handles & Hardware For Your Kitchen

dark blue shaker kitchen with bronze handles

Handles and hardware are an incredibly important design feature of your new kitchen. Time and consideration should be taken when deciding which hardware to go for; and will have such an impact on the final feel of the room. The handle size, chosen material and finish will play a part in telling the story of your new space.

Burlanes Wellsdown Kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

At Burlanes we source handles and hardware from multiple luxury suppliers, including our very own range of beautiful finishes too. We believe that is the hardware that can often create the biggest impact on the design of your kitchen, and our design team are always on hand to give their advice on proportions, finishes and textures to ensure your final choice of knobs, pulls and handles is just so.

Burlanes Wellsdown Kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

"Depending on the chosen colour of your kitchen, I would usually suggest choosing a contrasting colour for your hardware." Says Helen, Burlanes Chelmsford's Studio Manager. "A dark, heritage colour like the traditional open-plan kitchen painted in Bond Street by Mylands, is beautiful paired with a rich, warm bronze handle and associated hardware."

Burlanes Decolane Kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Lighter paint colours such as the classic Wellsdown shaker kitchen painted in Islington by Mylands work well with brushed steel finishes, and cool tones. Martin, Burlanes Sevenoaks' studio manager advises to always considered your chosen hardware within the context of the rest of the room. 

Burlanes Wellsdown Kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

"Large appliances such as refrigerators or range cookers are statement pieces, so picking out a colour or tone from those to feature in your hardware works really well." he says. "For example, the chrome lids on your AGA may be a starting point for your hardware choice."

Burlanes Wellsdown Kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

The shape and style of your handles need some thought too. Are you going to choose the same handle throughout, or would a long bar or a decorative latch on the larder make a difference? 

Burlanes Decolane Kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Would cup handles on the drawers result in the classic, country style kitchen you want to achieve? Or would a simple knob on each drawer add that contemporary edge?

You will also need to consider how well a shape or type of handle works for each cabinet; it is not all simply about aesthetics. "Small round knobs work really well on cupboards and small drawers, however they are not well suited to an integrated dishwater that requires a much sturdier grip, like a cup handle or a bar." says Helen.

Burlanes Chelmsford. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Do not be afraid to mix handles either. As long as the finish and colour match well, a combination of knobs, pulls, cups and latches, when chosen correctly, will look beautiful, and will give each area of your kitchen a unique feel. 

"Clients often worry about mixing metals in their kitchen, and when done correctly, really is not an issue." says Martin. "Try to limit the number of finishes however; but definitely do not be afraid to specify antique bronze handles if you have a stainless steel Quooker tap or Aga range for example." 

Burlanes Hoyden Kitchen. ©Sarah London Photographer.

And don't forget, in years to come when your truly bespoke Burlanes kitchen, built to last a lifetime, is in need of a freshen up, it is really easy to change the handles and hardware for a new lease of life.