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How to choose the perfect colour for your bedroom furniture

Your bedroom is your sanctuary to escape daily life and should be a relaxed, serene space for you to unwind. Choosing a colour for a bedroom needs to come with some serious thought, as you want to create a positive ambience for your mood/sleep.


The colour blue is the most calming colour, so it is perfect to use in the bedroom. As it shares the same colour as the sky and the sea, having a blue room can improve your sleep schedule.

EKBB Magazine quoted ''Experts says that the ganglion cells in our retina are the most sensitive to this colour and when picked up by the retina and relayed to the brain, it helps reduce blood pressure and heart rate, thus producing a calming feeling''


Being the most popular colour of 2021, grey is always a very soothing and peaceful colour. It is a great colour choice for bedroom furniture as being in a relaxing environment is always the best way to start or finish a day!

Sage Green 

Not commonly seen in bedrooms, sage green is a lovely colour for bedroom furniture because it symbolizes nature. This colour soothes our mind and body, leaving a calming effect, and is therefore ideal to help us sleep.


Adding white into your bedroom designs has the same effect as blue bedrooms. White is calming and peaceful allowing for a good night's sleep, with the perks that it will never go out of style. White goes with so many things, allowing for a new design every year without needing to repaint your furniture (which you can do with bespoke furniture)!

The beauty in bespoke allows no two bedroom projects to ever be the same; we work with suppliers who offer unlimited paint spectrums to give you whichever colour you desire.

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