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Your Guide To A Dream Larder

A pantry or larder is a key addition to many kitchens and is often at the top of our client’s wish lists. A pantry conjures up images of old-fashioned kitchen space but the modern equivalent is suitable for most homes and is a mammoth of practical storage. Our design team is expert in incorporating larders into your bespoke Burlanes kitchen. Read on to discover the top four considerations for your dream larder.

What is a Larder?

The pantry or larder (the terms are now used interchangeably) was traditionally a cool place to store foods that needed to be kept cold. The space was used in place of a refrigerator, keeping eggs, milk, and butter cool. A larder now refers to a storage unit for foodstuffs within the kitchen. A Burlanes larder makes the most of space and our design team will take time to understand your culinary style so the space fits your family perfectly.

What Will You Store?

What are your storage bugbears? Are they storing fresh vegetables, large cereal boxes, or simply space for your gin collection? When planning your larder, ensure you consider everything you would like your larder to contain. We can create a configuration that matches your family’s needs, making the most of your space. Commonly, larders are used to store dry foodstuffs including flour, sugar, cereals, pasta, rice, and pulses. To keep the space practical, make sure you think about the frequency of use to ensure popular foods are easily accessible. Many clients include vegetable drawers helping store these out of direct light in a cool space ensuring a long shelf life.

Marble slabs are a great addition, not only do they help maintain a constant temperature they also provide an additional workspace within the kitchen.


As part of your design, you may wish to add internal power sockets, to create a custom space. In fact, many clients are now choosing to create their own luxurious breakfast pantry. This houses the toaster, coffee maker, and all the accoutrements needed to make a splendid breakfast. For seasoned bakers, we have also created spaces that include the stand mixer or breadmaker. This is the beauty of bespoke design, you can make any additions or changes which will make your life easier. Every piece of furniture is custom designed, handmade, and installed to your specifications.


Larders can be as distinctive as you are, each enclosed in our hand-crafted doors. We can add glass to the doors to show off your collection of glassware or teacups. If you have solid wood doors we do encourage clients to make use of our custom pickle or spice racks which can help you organise the space. We are proud that our tailored designs are beautiful both inside and outside. The quality of workmanship is second to none and we are confident in giving our larders a lifetime guarantee.


Lighting can make all the difference in practical larder design. You need to be able to view and access all parts of your larder and our design team has great solutions for your larder. We also have systems to hide LED strips making them a stunning addition to your final design.

A larder is an iconic part of your kitchen design and Burlanes understands that you want your larder to be a central feature that shines with both practicality and aesthetic charm. You can pick from any of our classic shaker doors and choose the perfect shade of luxury Mylands paint. We want to make your kitchen dreams a reality. Contact us today, or pop into one of our Design Studios in Essex or Kent and let us help you create something outstanding.

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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