BIG Ideas for small Bathrooms

April 2016

If your bathroom is the smallest room in the house then don't worry there are ways to maximise even the most pint-sized space.

Big ideas for small bathrooms from burlanes interiors


A small bathroom needs to be efficient and practical, here are some tips to get the most out of a small bathroom:

Bathroom Design

Hire a bathroom designer who will offer expert advice on how to use the space you have the most effectively. It pays to invest in planning at the beginning of the process.

Effective Storage

Shelves, cubbyholes and slimline cupboards are perfect for narrow bathrooms. Mix and match open and closed storage. You might think a small bathroom shouldn't afford the luxury of built-in cupboards but a custom built clever layout will squeeze in subtle storage.

Effective storage solutions for small bathrooms


effective storage solutions for small bathrooms


Effective storage solutions for small bathrooms

storage solutions for small bathrooms


Mirror Mirror

Mirrors help bounce light and ease the rush when there’s more than one of you needing to look your best in the morning.

Mirrors make a small bathroom seem bigger


Fit twin basins

There may not be the room for two basins, but if there is then two small basins instead of one larger basin will ease the early morning bathroom rush. If you can only squeeze in one, make sure it’s a vanity basin with practical storage space.

Fit twin basins to ease the morning rush


Sink with custom built cupboard

Exploit wall space

Think vertically and make use of every inch of wall space up to the ceiling. Shelving about the toilet and door. A niche next to the bath or shower for shampoo and shower gel.


Exploit wall space in small bathrooms

Exploit wall space in small bathrooms

Exploit wall space in small bathrooms



Have separate dimmer switch controls  to create ambience for quiet baths and full illumination for shaving or applying make-up.


Work in a wet room

If the small bathroom is the second bathroom in your home then waterproofing the entire space to create a wet room gives you the freedom to use a layout that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. If this isn't an option a good alternative is a slimline shower tray.

slimline shower tray


slimline shower tray


All the images in this post are burlanes bathroom designs and projects.

For more images of burlanes bathroom design see our Pinterest board and for more bathroom inspiration see our bathroom design to inspire Pinterest board with more style solutions for small bathrooms.





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