The Sweepovac - removes all your floor sweepings in less than 3 seconds.

March 2015

Burlanes love the Sweepovac. This nifty kitchen must-have is a great addition to your kitchen design, removing all your floor sweepings in less than 3 seconds. Time to ditch the dustbin!


Burlanes supply the Sweepovac


We invited Henry to tell us more about his marvellous invention:

" When people ask me what the inspiration for inventing the Sweepovac, the answer is simple - laziness, something to make life easier.
Any one who knows me or my family, knows we like to eat and we like to cook. My wife describes me as a messy chef, but when the kids help out things can get really messy.
Gathering up this mess from the floor was always a pet hate of mine and with a strained back, I had a particular dislike of using a dustpan and small brush. This sparked my initial inspiration.

I dreamed a dream of an appliance that could easily be retro fitted in any kitchen beneath the units which would suck in all the floor sweepings. So began and the design process. During this design phase. I fitted a unit in my parents house as part of the trial. My Dad, having been a farmer for over 50 years is a fit but stiff 76 year old. When he told us that the Sweepovac unit was probably the handiest device he had ever used in the kitchen, it became obvious to us that a Sweepovac would be ideal for anyone with mobility issues. So we made the switch bigger with a really gentle action and we included a 10 second timer.

A second great discovery was when my wife realised that the Sweepovac was perfect for removing all of the pet hairs and debris from the brush head. As pet owners to Joey, our very large golden Labrador, we were delighted with this great solution to managing his molting pet hair.

So the Sweepovac has helped to create domestic harmony, happy parents, and a pet hair free house! 

We hope you find your Sweepovac just as useful. "

if you are interested in intsalling a Sweepovac in your home please email [email protected]

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