Bespoke Utility Rooms By Burlanes

A utility room is a great way of keeping your appliances and laundry away from your open-plan living spaces in your home, and ensures your kitchen is kept streamlined and clutter-free. It also allows you to close the door on the noise of the washing machine and tumble dryer, and to conceal your ironing board and other household appliances out of sight. 

At Burlanes, we work with you every step of the way to create a space that works perfectly for you, your family and your household needs. It makes sense to have your utility room as close to the kitchen as possible for convenience, and quite often, you do not have to have a totally separate room altogether. A perfect utility space can be created in an area of your kitchen

Typically, a utility room incorporates a hardworking sink area with a tap that includes a rinse to help with the more heavy-duty cleaning tasks, and lots of storage. We design and create bespoke storage solutions for cleaning products, mops and mop buckets, vacuum cleaners, ironing boards and any other appliances, and even solutions for drying and storing laundry.


Handmade Utility Room - Chelmsford
Bespoke Multi-use Utility Room - Sevenoaks
Burlanes Signature Utility Room - Sevenoaks
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