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Our Top 5 Kitchen Design Tips

Burlanes Bespoke Wellsdown Kitchen In Maidstone, Kent

Designing a new kitchen may seem like a daunting task, and one that should not be taken lightly! It should also be an enjoyable task, and the finished result should be a beautiful space that is built-to-last, and a room you love spending time in. We have put together our top tips that we always discuss with our clients during the design process of a bespoke Burlanes kitchen...

1. Consider what your kitchen will be used for.

It may seem obvious, but thinking about and discussing exactly what you will be using your kitchen for is such an important part of your kitchen design process! If you are a keen cook and regularly entertain, then the hob and oven will be top of your essentials checklist, if you have an open-plan space and you use the kitchen to help your children with their homework, then a comfortable and practical seating area is essential, or do you use your kitchen to lounge, relax and socialise as a family? 

Your Burlanes design consultant will discuss all possibilities with you, to ensure that the design of your kitchen layout is perfect for you, your home and your lifestyle. 

Burlanes bespoke Hoyden kitchen, Underriver. ©Sarah London Photographer.

2. Choose a kitchen style that is timeless. 

 It is important to remember that kitchen trends may come and go, but bespoke, classic kitchens are timeless and built to last. We would always recommend opting for a classic and timeless kitchen design, and inject personality with colour, lighting and fittings; all things that can be easily changed in years to come!

Our Wellsdown kitchen is our take on the classic Georgian country kitchen; built on the notions of good proportions and symmetry. 

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen, Saffron Walden. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Inspired by clean lines and minimalist decor, our Hoyden kitchen is well suited to all homes.

Burlanes bespoke Hoyden kitchen, Tonbridge. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Our Decolane kitchen is a contemporary shaker in-frame style.

Burlanes bespoke Decolane kitchen, Sevenoaks. ©Sarah London Photographer.

3. Go bespoke!

A bespoke kitchen that is made-to-measure to fit your available space exactly will give you so many more possibilities than an off-the-shelf solution. At Burlanes, each and every single kitchen we design, handmake and install is made to order in our furniture workshop in Historic Rochester, Kent. Our design team and installations director visit every single home to measure the space, to ensure there are absolutely no errors, and the fit is seamless.

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen, Maidstone. ©Sarah London Photographer.

4. Always opt for a little more storage than you think you need!

 During our design consultations, the majority of our clients always want more storage in their kitchen. Storage space is absolutely essential, and something that should be considered throughout the room. A bespoke Burlanes kitchen allows you to choose exactly where you want your pots and pans to be, whether they will be in a cupboard or a drawer, at what height the spice rack will sit on the larder door, and exactly what height the shelves need to be for the children's water bottles and lunch boxes. Sufficient storage is essential for a streamlined and organised space.

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen, Leigh-On-Sea. ©Sarah London Photographer.

5. Invest in good quality appliances

 Lastly, we would always recommend our clients to carefully select and invest in high quality appliances that will stand the test of time. We do not supply appliances, but we are retail design studio partners with a number of amazing manufacturers of appliances that we have tried, tested and loved. We have a fully functioning Quooker boiling water tap, BORA induction cooktop and AGA rangemaster on display in both Burlanes Sevenoaks and Burlanes Chelmsford.

Burlanes Chelmsford design studio. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Our design team are specialists in what they do, and our bespoke service means that we design, handmake and install your furniture to suit your needs and lifestyle perfectly. If you are looking for inspiration or advice on your project, pop into one of our design studios for a chat with our design team, or call us to book an appointment or home visit. We provide a bespoke service from the first meeting to the final handover of a project. By listening to our client's needs and working with them closely every step of the way; the result is a living space that works for lifestyle and budget.

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

Charley Davies - Essex


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