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Meet The Team

Meet the team: Ryan Burns - Burlanes CAD Technician

Both Burlanes design studios have an experienced and passionate team of designers and CAD technicians to bring your dreams to life. Ryan works alongside Helen at Burlanes Chelmsford, and is responsible for creating working drawings of your furniture project for manufacture. 

Spotlight On: Lucy Riley, Burlanes' Marketing Manager

We are officially into week three of working from home, and we think the time is flying by! We are very much enjoying being able to catch up on all those odd jobs, and having a little bit more spare time to pick up old hobbies, read those books we have been meaning to look at, watch those programmes that we have been talking about for months, and enjoy a bit of quality time with our families.

This week, we are holding the Spotlight On Lucy Riley; Burlanes' Marketing Manager...

Spotlight On: Sean O'Donnell, Burlanes Chelmsford's Design Consultant

Like most the UK during this very uncertain time, the Burlanes team are working from home where possible, and adapting to a very different way of life during the UK's social distancing period and self-isolation. Many of us are now finding the time to do things we have always wanted to do, so each week we will be holding the Spotlight On a member of the Burlanes team, to give us a few ideas of things to do whilst we are all battening down the hatches...

Meet The Team: Helen Gulutu - Burlanes Showroom Manager

Helen has recently joined the Burlanes team as a Design Consultant and Showroom Manager of Burlanes Chelmsford, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the kbb industry.

Let's meet Helen...

Burlanes Chelmsford Kitchen Design Consultant.

Meet The Team: Jarrett Banks - Burlanes Design Consultant

At Burlanes, we believe it's our people that are our biggest asset, and it's down to their knowledge, passion and integrity that make us so proud of our service. Our team of experienced Design Consultants are always on hand to offer advise and guidance when designing your beautiful home interiors.
Burlanes workshop joinery apprentice

Meet The Team: James Prince - Burlanes joinery apprentice

Our dedicated team of joiners and carpenters are the masterminds behind the beautiful furniture we create in our workshop. Each and every one of our craftsmen are highly skilled at what they do, and they hold many years of experience between them. 

Meet The Team: Lucy Riley - Burlanes Marketing Manager

Meet The Team: Lucy Riley - Burlanes Marketing Manager

At Burlanes, we are proud to be a small, close-knit, friendly team, and we think it is very important that our website, our showrooms and our company's ethos reflect that. Burlanes has expanded rapidly in the past 12 months, and Lucy has joined our team and oversees all Marketing elements of the business. Lucy is responsible for our Social Media channels, management of the website, organising events, Burlanes' promotional materials, brochures etc. 

Meet The Team: Andy Horsnell - Burlanes Project Director

Meet The Team: Andy Horsnell - Burlanes Project Director

Andy has been with Burlanes since the very beginning, and is now our Site Manager and dedicated Project Director for all installs. 

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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