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Unveiling The Refreshed Names For Our Door Styles

We've refreshed the names of our beloved door styles to better reflect their essence and individuality. Our decision stems from a commitment to continuously enhance our offerings and ensure they resonate with our valued customers like you. By capturing the unique characteristics of each style with these fresh names, we aim to provide a more intuitive and delightful experience a ...

Is Hybrid Working Here To Stay?

Hybrid/blended working is seemingly here to stay and many of us are now classed as 'remote workers. As this form of working, has become more popular and thus formalised by companies; we have found that our clients now need a dedicated space with a “proper desk and chair”. The days of crouching over the kitchen dining table to work can no longer be a long term plan.

Make working from home right for you

Whether you now work from home permanently or for just a few hours your home office should be a comfortable and inviting place to spend time. Discover our top tips on creating a home office or study which is both beautiful and practical.

A Functional Home Office

After working from home through COVID, the homeowners to a family home in Chelmsford thought it was time to upgrade their living space and incorporate a new home office.

Burlanes' 2021 Trend Insights: Working From Home

With the majority of us spending more time than ever at home, there has been a drastic change in how we use each room. Following on from our first 2021 trend insight, multi-functional kitchens, Helen Gulutu, Burlanes Chelmsford's Studio Manager, takes us through her top trend prediction for this year; the home office.

Burlanes bespoke home office furniture

Our Top 5 Tips For Working From Home

Like many people worldwide at the moment, the Burlanes team are working from home where possible, which is very different to our usual routine and workspace at the Burlanes workshop offices and our two interior showrooms. Whether working from home has always been part of your routine, or if you have found yourself having to adapt quickly due to the current pandemic, we have put together our top tips for working from home...

Burlanes bespoke home office furniture

Top Tips To Create A Comfortable & Productive Home Office Space

As flexible working increases in popularity in workplaces nationwide, the number of people working from home is on the rise. Statistics show that working from home increases productivity, and even benefits your health, but it is so important to have a home office space that is comfortable and practical, to ensure that your work day is as efficient as possible. We have put together our top tips to creating a comfortable, professional and productive home office space.
Burlanes bespoke home office furniture in Corringham, Essex

Utilising Storage Space In A Cosy Home Office

Surrounded by box files and piles of paper, our clients commissioned Burlanes to help utilise the limited space in their cosy  home office . An accountant and keen arts-and-crafts hobbyist, homeowner Mrs Tate spends the majority of her time in her  home office , so needed a space that was not only beautiful, but practical and with lots of storage space too.
A Bespoke Home Office Solution For A Busy Working Family

A Bespoke Home Office Solution For A Busy Working Family

With a busy work schedule and two small children, the homeowners of this recently refurbished family home in Sevenoaks, Kent, commissioned Burlanes to design and create an open plan, organised home office space, that is productive, practical and good looking. Burlanes were also commissioned to create a storage solution for the family's coats, shoes and bags in the entrance hallway. 

Burlanes bespoke home office furniture

Bespoke, Handmade Storage Solutions For A New Build Home In Essex

A new build home is often a blank canvas, allowing homeowners to create their own consistent interior design theme throughout. Burlanes Chelmsford were commissioned to design and create storage solutions for a number of rooms in this homeowners new build property in Essex, all handpainted in Mylands 'Drury Lane'.

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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