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Our Top 5 Tips For Working From Home

Burlanes handmade home office furniture in Sevenoaks, Kent

Like many people worldwide at the moment, the Burlanes team are working from home where possible, which is very different to our usual routine and work space at the Burlanes workshop offices and our two interior showrooms. Whether working from home has always been part of your routine, or if you have found yourself having to adapt quickly due to the current pandemic, we have put together our top tips for working from home...

1. Try and stick to your normal daily routine as much as you can.
Routine is absolutely essential for productivity, and just because you are no longer commuting to your office or place of work, try not to disrupt your usual morning schedule. Wake up at your usual time, have breakfast and do everything you would as normal in preparation for a day at work. Also try and ensure you work your usual hours too.

Burlanes Wellsdown kitchen project in Maidstone. ©Sarah London Photographer.

2. Ensure you have a dedicated home office space that is comfortable and without distractions. If you are going to be working from home long term, invest in good desk set up to ensure your posture is not compromised, and that you are as comfortable and productive as you would be in your usual office.

Burlanes bespoke home office furniture in Sevenoaks, Kent. ©Sarah London Photographer.

You do not need to have lots of space or a spare room to create an effective home office area; a dedicated space within your living room, kitchen or bedroom is fine, but ensure distractions are kept to a minimum, and that you have enough space to set up your laptop or computer.

Burlanes bespoke bedroom furniture. ©Sarah London Photographer.

If you already have a home office space that needs a freshen up, give the space a good clear out and spend some time re-configuring the space to be as comfortable as possible.

Burlanes bespoke home office furniture in Chelmsford, Essex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

3. Take your usual breaks.
Working from home can mean you have less reasons to get up from your chair and walk about, so ensure you take your regular coffee and lunch breaks, and have some time away from your desk.

4. Get some fresh air!
Now more than ever, we are being told to stay at home and stay safe, so fresh air is absolutely essential for good health and well-being. If you are able to, go out for a walk daily. If not, open your windows wide and enjoy the sunshine. If possible, try to position your work space in front of a window and make the most of natural daylight.

Burlanes bespoke home office furniture in Essex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

5. Stay connected!
Whether it is a Zoom call with your colleagues, a FaceTime call with family or even a conference call with our design team about your next project, use technology to stay connected!

A Burlanes home office can be designed, handmade and installed within just 4 weeks, so if you are looking to update your current home office or create a productive and organised space, please do get in touch. We undertake all aspects of the renovation work, and we remain fully operative, with all social distancing guidelines followed throughout the manufacturing and installation processes.

You can contact us on all our social media channels, by emailing [email protected], or calling our usual numbers:

Burlanes Sevenoaks - 01732 605 001
Burlanes Chelmsford - 01245 352 557

Our home office furniture starts at £5,000. 

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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