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Is Hybrid Working Here To Stay?

Hybrid/blended working is seemingly here to stay and many of us are now classed as 'remote workers. As this form of working, has become more popular and thus formalised by companies; we have found that our clients now need a dedicated space with a “proper desk and chair”. The days of crouching over the kitchen dining table to work can no longer be a long term plan.

The Home Office has fast become a "must have" when house hunting; for those not moving it has now become a priority room.  We can all remember (albeit not very fondly) the months of home working and homeschooling on a "not the right height" table and on the hard, uncomfortable kitchen chair.  Now that hybrid working has become more popular we are all beginning to look at dedicated spaces for our teams and zoom calls.
The reality is that for 8 hours+ a day and roughly 2-3 days a week we are working from home and so now need a more permament set up. We hear from some clients that they only go into the office once a week and other clients are only required to be in the office once or twice a month. With that in mind our Burlanes team are here to design the home office that suits you. The home office is not just for work, we have seen it used for childrens study, for gaming and even hobbies.
Our Most Requested Home Office Designs:

The Teenager 

This is more of a study area (as part of a bedroom) rather than a dedicated room. This usually incorporates a section of the bedroom with a desk and shelving so that our “Happy” teenager can do that all important revision/studying for exams, attend online learning classes and generally bemoan the amount of homework that they have to do in any given day and of course is usually accompanied by a 30 minute TikTok scroll.

The Two Person Home Office 

Now, this office is our most popular. Both homeowners have decided they can no longer cope with the other all important zoom call, we often hear “why do they have to shout so much when on a call”. Our Design Team is called upon to design a dedicated room where both homeowners can work together in harmony (and comfort) with enough space for laptops, mobile phones, and a few files.

The One Person Home Office (a place to escape)

This tends to be a whole room dedicated to the home office which also doubles up as the hobby room  - think sewing machine, guitar practice and man cave office (or more politically correct the business/chill out room). Quite a few of our clients have also incorporated the working space along with the coffee machine and integrated wine cooler. This is not just a space to earn the money for the family but also an area to relax and unwind after copious amounts of team calls and even play a little Xbox or watch the TV.
Here at Burlanes it doesn't matter which of the above designs you like or if you need a combination of all of them. We are a bespoke furniture manufacturer so are on hand to help design your home office based on your requirements (need a locked filing cabinet? we can make it) and our goal is to always make the best use of your space.
Home offices start from £10,000

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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