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2020 Kitchen Design Trends

Burlanes 2020 kitchen design predictions

2020 not only brings a new year and a new decade, but also a number of beautiful new kitchen styles and design ideas. Read our predictions for 2020's kitchen trends...

Luxury Storage Solutions

2019 was the year of streamlining your storage, getting rid of all those one-hit wonder gadgets, and organising your kitchen cupboards. We are storming into 2020 with luxury storage solutions, including walk-in larders, pull out breakfast pantries, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry.

The simple kitchen larder has become a thing of the past, and now people are looking to truly make it their own. With bespoke options for storing all your favourite cooking ingredients, to scrapping food altogether and turning it into your very own bar or hideaway surfaces to disguise the messiness of every day; there are a number of ways to effectively use a larder in every kitchen layout, especially when you go bespoke.

Walk-in larder in the Decolane project in Essex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Classic Colouring

A timeless classic, white as a painted colour choice is set to make a comeback in 2020. A colour that has never been outdated or outdone, but has been overlooked to the popular greys, white allows for a clean and fresh look, especially when looking to lighten a dark room or make your summer extension pop even more. The versatility of white allows you to accessorise with bold moments elsewhere in the room, whether it be through statement handles, colourful tiles or a strong worktop choice.

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen in Leigh-On-Sea, Essex. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Statement Appliances

The absolute essentials to a hardworking, practical kitchen, good quality appliances are a must-have, so it is about time we let them shine! From your oven, microwave and dishwasher to your fridge and even your kitchen tap, 2020 is about investing wisely and smartly for beautiful, statement pieces.

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen in Saffron Walden. ©Sarah London Photographer.

A new release at the tail end of 2019, the new Bora Pure is set to prove popular within the kitchen market this year. A competitive price provides you with a great cooking system without breaking the bank; making cooking areas more versatile in the kitchen and promoting island cooking for a sociable and fun home.

Burlanes furniture Design Studio in Sevenoaks, Kent. ©Sarah London Photographer.

A must-have for any kitchen, the Quooker boiling water tap is still on trend for 2020. Available in a range of different styles and finishes to suit any kitchen style, the Quooker is an investment that you should be making this year. Instant boiling water, cold, filtered water, and now even sparkling water on tap.

Quooker boiling water tap in the Hoyden kitchen in Underriver, Sevenoaks. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Soft Furnishings & Social Spaces

2019 was the year of open-plan living, and 2020 is the year that soft furnishings will be making their way into the kitchen space. The kitchen is the heart of your home, so creating a comfortable and welcoming space for all the family to enjoy is essential.

Burlanes bespoke Hoyden kitchen in Greenwich, London. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Statement Floors & Tiles

With a neutral palette of whites and creams making a comeback, statement floors and patterned tiles are rising to the surface. With a wider choice than ever on the market, there is a tile available for all kitchen styles and practicalities. Clashing colours and prints are not to be avoided in 2020; enjoy experimenting with colour and ensure that your new kitchen has its own unique style.

Burlanes bespoke Wellsdown kitchen with Ca'Pietra statement tiled splashback. ©Sarah London Photographer.

Luxury, Unique Splashbacks

Nothing screams luxury more than beautiful, unique stone. With its own unique characteristics and markings, a stone splashback will add so much interest to your new kitchen.

Burlanes furniture Design Studio in Sevenoaks, Kent. ©Sarah London Photographer.

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