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The Two Toned Country Kitchen

Handpainted in Greenstone and Brompton Road by Mylands, this Wellsdown two-toned kitchen comes with Miele appliances, a home bar, and a handmade banquette seating area to give the family in Maidstone a place to eat.


The homeowners had a small room adjacent to the kitchen that was rendered useless over time and became a dumping ground. Upon discussing this problem with our designers, we worked with the homeowners to transform the space into a practical pantry.

We handmade wall panels and painted them in the exact colour of the kitchen to seamlessly integrate the pantry with the rest of the design. The resulting pantry now serves as a storage area for all kitchen dry goods.


Having a dedicated sink station away from the rest of your kitchen isn't something commonly seen, but in this instance, it is a statement feature of the room! 

Having a Quooker Combi 2.2 Flex in black against the green furniture allows for the tap to serve as the main focal point of the station, which fits perfectly against the timelessness of this classic kitchen design. 


At Burlanes Interiors, we do not just design stunning furniture for your homes; we also are partnered with luxury brands to provide you, our clients, with high-end appliances.

Miele is the world’s most trusted and desirable premium brand for kitchen and household appliances and is of the highest quality. Miele adds another level of luxury to our bespoke kitchens, so it was the perfect choice for the homeowners to level up their home cooking with Miele Stainless Steel Ovens (Codes: H2890B, H7890BP)


After visiting Burlanes Chelmsford and seeing our home bar display, the homeowners had their minds set on having one of their own in their dream kitchen, so our Chelmsford designer made that happen.

With the doors closed it is a beautiful piece of furniture but opened up it is a glorious bar space, fitted with Armac Martin hanging wine glass racks, and the essential wine cooler fridge.


The Homeowners love to sit down and have a family dinner every night, so it was essential to include a dining area in their dream kitchen.

This custom-built banquette seating was the perfect addition to the dining area, with a storage drawer and lift-up seat mechanism to allow extra storage for household bits and bobs!


The beauty of bespoke means that no two kitchens can ever be the same. In this case, to really make the most out of the bespoke experience, our designers worked with the homeowners and incorporated some of our bespoke hidden kitchen gems into their kitchens.

  • The pull-out shelf is perfect for storing away kitchen electronics. When not in use, it is hidden behind a door, but when it is needed, the Blum runners allow the shelf to slide out, allowing for easy use and cleanup. 
  • ''A place for everything, everything in its place'' is our favourite saying here at Burlanes, so by having a unique slot in the furniture to give chopping boards somewhere permanent to live is just perfect!

When you are planning your own home project we strongly recommend visiting one of our showrooms. Not only can you get advice from our design teams but you can see products in situ and find the perfect details to bring your project together. Why not contact our stores today?

Visit your local Burlanes showroom to chat with a designer about your kitchen project, or get in touch to arrange an appointment.

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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