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Mr & Mrs Walk-In Hoyden Wardrobes

After being recommended to Burlanes by a close relative, the homeowners of the period property decided it was time to spoil themselves with a Burlanes bespoke walk-in wardrobe. With design advice from the amazing Ella at our Sevenoaks Showroom, the Mr & Mrs set of wardrobes are a dream come true for this couple in Hildenborough.
We asked Mrs. Taylor to answer a few questions about her design journey with us...
What made you choose us?We chose Burlanes from word of mouth. After a close relative of ours mentioned your business, I started following all your social media platforms. We also just moved into a new home, which my husband and I are currently renovating, it was perfect timing! We wanted to do some research before committing, so we went onto the website and found everything we were looking for! The layout is excellent, and the blogs are so helpful in visioning past projects.
What was your experience like in the showroom?It was easy to make an appointment for the showroom and very convenient to have a Saturday appointment. The moment we stepped into the Sevenoaks showroom, we were very welcomed by the design team. After explaining to Burlanes what we require, they immediately sketched something up and talked us through their design. The design that was suggested was miles better than our ideas, and they were really good at explaining their reasons for taking out some thoughts we had.
We were afraid that the room would look empty at one end, as the wardrobes were only on one side of the room, so the thought of adding the banquette seating was a brilliant idea to use up the space next to the window. We were shown the upstairs area with the fitted wardrobes at the showroom and that is where we saw the lighting strips inside the wardrobes and the handles that we chose. The way the showroom is laid out gave us the perfect vision as to what our new room would look like, it felt as if we were walking into an actual person's bedroom! 
Were you satisfied with the duration of the design process?Yes. The design process went quicker than expected. We liked the initial wardrobe layouts suggested straight away. We wanted his and hers wardrobes with different interior fittings in each. We had a home visit to check what the route was like from the front door to the bedroom and to have a site measure of the bedroom This also highlighted were the interior wardrobe lights were to be plugged in. We then received very detailed drawings of our choices to look over. The only hard part was choosing the colour of the wardrobes from the vast array of colours!
How did you find the delivery and installation?The delivery day went very smoothly, we had an early morning delivery time to ensure the fitting team could get ahead of the day in installing our wardrobes. The wardrobes and banquette seating were delivered onto our driveway and then dismantled to fit through our doorways; they were very considerate of our freshly painted white walls! Even with the difficult corner turn of our staircase, the fitting team managed to somehow fit everything through and up to our bedroom. We knew beforehand that 3 days were set aside for our installation, and I was able to work with Burlanes to schedule the delivery around my work hours. The bespoke fitting was carried out on-site and any minor scuffs were rubbed down and hand-painted for a professional finish. They even left the pot of paint and brush for future touch-ups!
Overall, how pleased are you with the wardrobes?We are incredibly pleased with our wardrobes. They are scribed very cleverly against our uneven walls and finished to a high standard. They are just beautiful. Every morning I smile when I open both doors of my wardrobe with our quirky handles, to allow me to pull out my double wide drawers.  The strip interior lights come on and I still get the fresh new wood smell. We had a cushion made to finish off the banquette seating.
If you are looking to transform your home into a more functional living space for you and your family, get in touch today! 

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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