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The Blue Georgian Kitchen

Burlanes Chelmsford recently had the pleasure of designing a stunning Wellsdown kitchen for their clients. This beautiful home features a spacious kitchen area that seamlessly blends with a cosy living space, perfect for the whole family.

Imagine the scene: you're preparing a delicious dinner while the children sit quietly, engrossed in their reading or finishing up their homework. It sounds absolutely heavenly, doesn't it? In reality, our busy family lives often leave us with limited time to gather and discuss our day, and sometimes breakfast or dinner becomes the only opportunity for us to come together and share our experiences. That's why this open-plan living setup is ideal. The "Tween" can sprawl on the sofa, conveniently close to the fridge (although it always seems to be empty when they're hungry), or perhaps work on their homework at the dining table or island.

As spring transitions into summer, the magnificent bifold doors open up, inviting a warm breeze into the space.

Storage is a top priority for our valued Burlanes clients, because let's face it, as homeowners, we can never have enough of it. We need room to store cereals, spices, the various items the kids bring home from school, a cheeky home bar, glasses, and tableware—the list goes on and on.

This particular project included several storage solutions...

The Breakfast Pantry

After the initial design appointment to understand how the homeowners use their kitchen, our designers ensured this kitchen featured a breakfast pantry with bi-fold doors adjacent to the breakfast bar to help the mornings flow for the family of four. The pantry is designed to accommodate the toaster, coffee machine, and breakfast cereals. The bi-fold doors allow homeowners to open them in the morning without taking up too much space in the kitchen. It's truly one of the most sought-after features.

The Perfect Kitchen Triangle

The two-door larder features our traditional zig-zag shelving which allows the homeowners to customise the shelves according to their needs. Additionally, it includes our bespoke Burlanes spice rack and pickle rack, handmade to provide storage solutions for sauces and spices, whilst leaving an aesthetically pleasing look when the doors are left open!

The fridge and freezer are cleverly concealed behind our Wellsdown doors, ensuring a seamless and cohesive cabinetry look, positioned closely to kitchen essentials to give the client a perfect kitchen triangle.

Now, let's talk about the island.

The Wellsdown island takes center stage, showcasing a stunning Silestone Eternal Calcatta Gold 30mm countertop with waterfall edges at each end. It also houses the client's hob, which sits flush with the worktop. Furthermore, the island provides additional storage space (yes, you guessed it, more storage!) with three separate two-door cabinets underneath.

Kitchen Essentials 

As well as designing the external of your kitchens, we also provide kitchen storage solutions to ensure your kitchens are as pretty on the inside as they are on the out. For this project, we provided the homeowners with utensil/cutlery trays, pull-out towel rail, and our handmade pull-out base unit.

When you are planning your own home project we strongly recommend visiting one of our showrooms. Not only can you get advice from our design teams but you can see products in situ and find the perfect details to bring your project together. Why not contact our stores today?

Visit your local Burlanes showroom to chat to a designer about your kitchen project, or get in touch to arrange an appointment.

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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