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Timeless Elegance for Your Bedroom Retreat

As you relish some well-deserved family time and the comfort of home this Easter, why not take the opportunity to envision your dream bedroom?

Let Burlanes be your guide on this journey towards creating a space where relaxation meets refined elegance.

In the ever-evolving world of bespoke furniture and interior design, the essence of personalisation remains one of our core principles at Burlanes.

We understand that your bedroom is more than just a room; it's a sanctuary, a reflection of your unique style and personality. That's why we're passionate about empowering our clients to create their dream bedrooms, tailored to suit their unique requirements.

Your Sanctuary, Your Way:

With a third of our lives spent in bed, your bedroom deserves to be a sanctuary that resonates with your tastes and lifestyle. Whether it's bespoke fitted wardrobes or indulgent dressing rooms, envision your ideal space and let us bring it to life. Collaborate with our designers to explore the endless possibilities of custom freestanding or fitted furniture, designed to elevate both the ease and functionality of your daily life. 


Strategic Planning for Your Space:

A thoughtfully designed bedroom should radiate a sense of serenity and spaciousness, never overwhelmed by unnecessary clutter. At Burlanes, we specialise in incorporating concealed storage solutions to optimise even the most compact spaces. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke pieces that seamlessly integrate with the overall room aesthetic. Let us transform overlooked nooks and crannies into valuable storage solutions, enriching the harmony and organisation of your space.

Harmony Through Storage:

Fulfilling the desire for ample storage is often at the forefront of our clients' minds. Enhance your bedroom's functionality by incorporating a trunk or storage bench at the foot of your bed. This versatile piece provides a stylish solution for storing extra linens, blankets, and pillows, keeping your space clutter-free and organised. Furthermore, consider the practicality of bedside tables, which offer convenient storage for night time essentials within arm's reach, and the functionality of banquette seating, which not only provides seating but also cleverly conceals storage underneath. With these thoughtful storage solutions, your bedroom will not only exude elegance but also seamlessly cater to your every need.

The Art of Colour Selection:

At Burlanes, each bedroom is an exquisite and enduring masterpiece, with your choice of colours at its heart. As a haven for relaxation, we advocate for hues that soothe your senses. Consider your bedroom's orientation, how it interacts with sunlight and the way colours transform from dawn to dusk. Opt for a light, neutral palette for your furniture to effortlessly harmonise with the space, reserving bold shades for accents that infuse your personal flair.

Immerse yourself in inspiration with a visit to our Sevenoaks Design Studio, where you can discover the endless possibilities for your ideal bedroom. Enjoy a complimentary design consultation, where we will delve into the details of your project. Contact us today to arrange your visit and embark on the journey towards crafting your perfectly personalised bedroom retreat.

All of the Burlanes team take enormous pride in their work, go above and beyond and show an incredible level of client care.

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