Handmade Burlanes Office Furniture

April 2014

Burlanes are an interiors company specialising in high end, bespoke kitchens and bathrooms and pride themselves on producing unique interiors. They are based in Kent so work mainly in London and the South East but their service travels – this month they were in the Isle of Skye!

Love Chic Living spoke to us about a recent project that wasn’t a kitchen or bathroom. The brief was to create a comfortable, stylish study for a couple to sit in the evenings doing their paperwork. Here is the blogpost:

Handmade office furniture by Burlanes

Wardrobes were designed and custom-built in their on-site workshop to accommodate clothes in one half, with a shoe rack at the bottom and general storage on the other side. Cheerful hot pink interiors! 

Hot pink hand built shelves by Burlanes

The authentic zig zag shelving adjustment is a key feature of the design and perfectly complements the wooden beams and traditional architecture of the rest of the building.

Farrow and ball’s beautiful ocelot wallpaper set the tone for the style and colours used in the room.

Farrow and ball’s beautiful ocelot wallpaper

Burlanes’ experienced craftsmen re-created the skirting board design around the bottom of the wardrobes. This attention to detail brings the room together and provides the finishing touch.

Burlanes craftsmen recreate the skirting at the bottom of their custom built wardrobes

By listening to the clients’ needs and working with them closely every step of the way the result is a stylish, functional space that works for lifestyle and budget.

For more photos of our handmade furniture check out out Pinterest boards 


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